IELTS / TOEFL synonyms (類義語/同義語) vol 2

本記事では、IELTS / TOEFL の ライティングで高得点を取得するための類義語 (synonym)を10個紹介します。構成としては左側にフォーマルな英語表現、右側にカジュアルな英語表現となっています。

Tyro / beginner, novice


Sometimes tyros beat experienced players in a game merely because of good luck.


Ubiquitous / popular


Ubiquitous definition: seeming to be everywhere


Starbucks shops are ubiquitous, you can see them every thirty-meters walk around Tokyo station.


Facile / easy, simple


Facile definition…describes a remark or theory that is too simple and has not been thought about enough.


When a lot of people try to agree with the same idea, it ends up a facile one.


Abate/ reduce, decrease


Abate definition…to become less strong.


Criticism against him was abated after he resolved some misunderstandings.


Dwell in / live in


Dwell definition… to live in a place or in a particular way.


Gentrification makes it difficult for local residents to continue to dwell in the region.


Note/ dwell on  Aは「Aについて考える」と別の意味になります。

I was dwelling on the feedback from my supervisor.


Construe / Conclude, infer


Construe definition …to understand the meaning, especially of other people’s actions and statements, in a particular way.


After a series of trials, the defendant was construed as innocent.


Ambiguous / confusing , not clear


Ambiguous definition…having or expressing more than one possible meaning, sometimes intentionally.


It is frustrating that the government is indecisive and express only ambiguous guidelines.


Apt / appropriate


Apt definition…suitable or right for a particular situation


Writers have to be careful in describing someone in an apt manner.


Apt / likely

Be apt to do = be likely to do


Bicycle wheels are apt to be worn down over two years and need replacement.


Endeavor / attempt, try


Endeavor…to try to do something new and adventurous


His endeavor to do fasting for 24 hours was interrupted by his friend.


Peril / danger


Peril… great danger or something that is very dangerous. ( adjective : perilous )


People are unaware of perils hidden in their lives until they experience them.


Kids often underestimate perilous circumstances.




本記事ではIELTS / TOEFLのライティングに役立つ類義語(synonym )を紹介しましたが、皆様の学習にお役に立ちましたら嬉しく思います。また、コメントを頂ければ、各単語の解説や例文を増やすこともできますので、お気軽にコメント下さい。


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