IELTS ライティング タスク2 サンプルエッセイ (解答例 ) 例題 32 – Unpaid Internship Programs

本記事ではIELTS のライティングTASK2のサンプルエッセイ(解答例)を紹介します。トピックは無償のインターンシップについてです。



Many schools today require students to work without pay for companies as part of their education. Is this more advantageous to students or companies?

You should write at least 250 words.


A stunning range of unpaid internship programs are promoted in many universities for students to gain professional experiences. From my perspective, companies are glad to take advantage of this free workforce. However, these opportunities are next to useless in terms of fostering a professional responsibility, which is vital for salaried employees.

Most companies are keen on minimizing labor costs for menial tasks, as these tasks can be handled by anyone. Managers do not want to assign them to talented employees who should be focused on more important projects. Under such circumstances, unpaid internship students perfectly fit the bill as they do not request salaries nor complain about engaging in monotonous tasks. For example, some accounting internship programs request students to upload expense journal entries into accounting systems for an entire day. This benefits companies by curbing wages and reducing workloads.

Turning to the educational value of internship programs, unpaid jobs are less likely to nurture occupational responsibilities. When people work for free, they can hardly accept harsh feedback from their bosses and colleagues. This is understandable as there is no point dedicating oneself to an unpaid job. Also, managers often hesitate to point out shortages as they need to appreciate whatever work is done for free. As a result, it is often the case that the quality of an intern’s work does not change throughout a program. Indeed, according to surveys on unpaid internship programs, a large number of students recount that their experiences were not inspirational and they did not feel much improvement.

To summarize, unpaid internship programs are convenient ways to reduce labor costs for business enterprises. On the other hand, it is unlikely that students learn to develop professional responsibilities through slave labor.

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→トピックのパラフレーズと自分の主張の提示。Is this more advantageous to students or companies? の設問のため、無償のインターンシップの有益性について、自分の意見を主張していきます。

Body Paragraph

→ main idea  : Most companies are keen on minimizing labor costs for menial tasksと主張。

その後、Main ideaの内容について、後続の文章で説明を加えていきます。

Body Paragraph

→ main idea  : unpaid jobs are less likely to nurture occupational responsibilities.と主張。

その後、Main ideaの内容について、後続の文章で説明を加えていきます。


→Body paragraphs のパラフレーズ。


Synonyms (類義語)

A range of : 様々な (various )

Next to 形容詞 : ほとんど ( almost )

Recount : 物語る ( describe, give detailed explanation )

Business enterprises : 会社 ( companies, corporations )

Key words

Unpaid internship programs : 無償のインターンシッププログラム

Professional experiences : 職業経験

Free workforce : 無料の労働力

Take advantage of A : A を利用する

Salaried employees: サラリーマン

Be keen on A : A に熱心な

Menial tasks : 簡単でつまらない仕事

Talented employees : 優秀な社員

Fit the bill : 目的や望みにぴったり合う

Monotonous tasks : 単調な仕事

Curb wages : 賃金を抑える

Reduce workloads : 業務量を減らす

Harsh feedback : 厳しいフィードバック

Hesitate to point out shortages : 不足点を指摘することをためらう

Other useful expressions in IELTS Writing TASK2

Contrastingly, : 一方で、

From my perspective, / In my opinion, :私の考えでは、

Maintain  : Firmly express one’s opinion と同義。意味は「強く主張する」

Aver  : Say something is certainly trueと同義。意味は「―は正しいと強く主張する」

I espouse the former ( or the latter ) : 私は前者(後者)を支持する。Espouse はSupportのFormalな表現。

Having said that :  However と同義。意味は「一方で」

On top of that : In addition と同義。意味は「さらに」

Under such circumstances, :こういった状況下では、


本記事ではIELTS ライティング タスク2 のサンプルエッセイ(解答例) を紹介しましたが、皆様の学習にお役に立ちましたら嬉しく思います。また、コメントを頂けましたら、解説を増やすこともできますので、お気軽にコメント下さい。

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