IELTS ライティング タスク2 サンプルエッセイ ( 解答例 ) 例題 37 – Relationships in the workplace

本記事ではIELTS のライティングTASK2のサンプルエッセイ(解答例)を紹介します。トピックは職場での人付き合いについてです。



Some people like to spend their leisure time after work with co-workers while others prefer to keep their private life separate from their work life. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

You should write at least 250 words.



It is my opinion that private relationships and professional ones should be separated, while others prefer to spend their free time with their colleagues. This essay presents arguments on both sides, but leans in favor of my initial statement.

Body Paragraph 1

Looking first at the case supporting the separation of relationships; many managers point out that close, private relationships can generate inequality in their workplaces. People tend to overvalue the work done by their favorite colleagues, while never appreciating colleagues who they may not be on such good terms with. This inequality can render companies dysfunctional as employees may eventually realize that their professional outputs were not the primary factor of their evaluation. It is widely acknowledged in Japan that when entrepreneurs designate their family or close friends as the head of business projects, chances of failure are extremely high. The primary reason is that talented employees cannot endure being supervised by less competent superiors and end up resigning from their positions.

Body Paragraph 2

Turning to the other side of the argument; gregarious employees tend to create comfortable atmosphere by holding a range of social activities including heavy drinking. They believe developing a private relationship is a vital bonding process and develops trust.   It is also seen as a protective measure to prevent them from receiving harsh criticisms upon making egregious mistakes. They are well aware that the deeper they develop their relationships, the more tolerable they become to each other. According to the latest studies, those who do not have confidence in their professional abilities are more engaging in bonding with their colleagues through private activities. This suggests that building private relationships is like building a safety net.


To summarize, the choice is fundamentally between ensuring equality in the workplace versus creating a mutually tolerable atmosphere. I believe professional outputs must be prioritized over private relationships, which are irrelevant to corporate performance, and espouse the separation of professional and private relationships.

( 318 words )



→トピックのパラフレーズと自分の主張の提示。Discuss both views and give your opinion.と問われているため、学校の予算を先生/コンピューターのどちらに使うべきか、自分の意見を主張します。

Body Paragraph

→ main idea  : close, private relationships can generate inequality in their workplaces.と主張。

その後、Main ideaの内容について、後続の文章で説明を加えていきます。

Body Paragraph

→ main idea  : gregarious employees tend to create comfortable atmosphere by holding a range of social activitiesと主張。

その後、Main ideaの内容について、後続の文章で説明を加えていきます。


→Body paragraphs のパラフレーズ。


Synonyms (類義語)

Superiors:上司 ( Bosses: someone in a high position than you are )

Gregarious : 社交的な、集団でいることを好む ( sociable)

Key words

Private relationships : プライベートの人間関係

Professional relationships: 職場での人間関係

Overvalue :過大評価する

On good terms : いい関係にある ( 反対は On bad terms  )

Professional outputs: 仕事の成果

Resign from one’s position : 退職する。

A bonding process: 仲が良くなるためのプロセス

A protective measure : (自分を ) 守るための手段

Harsh criticisms : 厳しい批判

Egregious mistakes : 重大なミス、過失

A mutually tolerable atmosphere : お互いに対して寛容な雰囲気

Other useful expressions in IELTS Writing TASK2

Contrastingly, : 一方で、

From my perspective, / In my opinion, :私の考えでは、

Maintain  : Firmly express one’s opinion と同義。意味は「強く主張する」

Aver  : Say something is certainly trueと同義。意味は「―は正しいと強く主張する」

I espouse the former ( or the latter ) : 私は前者(後者)を支持する。Espouse はSupportのFormalな表現。

Having said that :  However と同義。意味は「一方で」

On top of that : In addition と同義。意味は「さらに」

Under such circumstances, :こういった状況下では、


本記事ではIELTS ライティング タスク2 のサンプルエッセイ(解答例) を紹介しましたが、皆様の学習にお役に立ちましたら嬉しく思います。また、コメントを頂けましたら、解説を増やすこともできますので、お気軽にコメント下さい。

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