IELTS ライティング タスク2 サンプルエッセイ ( 解答例 ) 例題 21 – Fashionable Clothes

本記事ではIELTS のライティング タスク2のサンプルエッセイ(解答例)を紹介します。トピックは流行りの服装についてです。

1 サンプルエッセイ


More and more people are wearing fashionable clothes. Is it a good or bad situation? Why?

You should write at least 250 words.


Popular fashion has been continuously changing over the years and more and more prefer wearing fashionable attire rather than traditional clothes. In my view, this is a positive trend as apparel shops entertain customers with a range of novel fashion styles and it motivates designers to come up with the next trend.

To begin with, it is exciting for many customers to see a variety of trendy, chic clothes at an apparel store. They are impressed by the new designs and imagine with excitement how they will look dressed in these clothes.  If these clothes suit them, they are utterly impressed and even feel as if they have transformed into another version of themselves. To give you an example, upon trying on an elegant, trendy Chester coat, a man might feel like becoming a different person. After the purchase, the coat might nudge him to behave stylishly in his daily life. These experiences can be an excellent opportunity for people to reconsider their styles and would not be afforded if they stuck to the same traditional fashions.

Another reason is that the rapid trend-change in the fashion industry motivates creators to invent the future trend. They work hard dreaming that their designs could captivate the industry. This dream includes cool models wearing the clothes at prestigious fashion shows, and eventually having their products mass produced to the public. Designers could not be happier than seeing their ideas spreading across the world. In contrast, if people were indifferent to a trend, no creators would have a chance to succeed in their creative activities.

To summarize, I believe it is a positive trend that an increasing number of people support fashionable clothes. This is because customers enjoy trying on fashionable clothes and designers could take advantage of the changing trend.

( 297 words )

2 エッセイの構成について


→トピックのパラフレーズと自分の主張の提示。. Is it a good or bad situation? Why? と問われているため、流行りの服を着ることの是非について意見を述べていきます。

Body Paragraph

→ main idea : it is exciting for many customers to see a variety of trendy, chic clothes at an apparel store –と主張。その後、Main ideaの内容について、後続の文章で説明を加えていきます。

Body Paragraph

→ main idea : the rapid trend-change in the fashion industry motivates creators to invent the future trendと主張。その後、Main ideaの内容について、後続の文章で説明を加えていきます。


→Body paragraphs のパラフレーズ。


3 単語・文法・構文の解説

Synonyms (類義語)

A range of

Various の類義語。意味は「様々な」

Key words

Fashionable attire


Captivate the industry


Prestigious fashion shows


Stick to the same traditional fashions


Have their products mass produced


Other useful expressions in IELTS Writing TASK2



From my perspective, / In my opinion,



Firmly express one’s opinion と同義。意味は「強く主張する」


Say something is certainly trueと同義。意味は「―は正しいと強く主張する」

To begin with,

Firstly と同義

I espouse the former ( or the latter )

私は前者(後者)を支持する。Espouse はSupportのFormalな表現。

Having said that

However と同義。意味は「一方で」

On top of that

In addition と同義。意味は「さらに」

Under such circumstances,



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