IELTS ライティング タスク2 サンプルエッセイ ( 解答例 ) 例題 43 – Cooking and Growing Food at School

本記事ではIELTS のライティングTASK2のサンプルエッセイ(解答例)を紹介します。トピックは学校の授業についてです。



Some people think that children should be taught how to cook and grow food at school.

Do you agree or disagree?

You should write at least 250 words.


The importance of practical classes at school, such as cooking and growing food, is widely debated. From my perspective, these classes benefit children in term of preparing nourishing food and nurturing gratitude to farmers.

Home-cooking skills are vital in preparing nourishing food for oneself. If individuals do not have sufficient cooking abilities, they have no choice but to count on restaurants or takeaway outlets, which largely serves various unhealthy ingredients and preservatives. Given the fact that health is crucial for everyone, it makes sense that all children learn to cook at school. This is particularly beneficial for those whose parents have little knowledge on nutrition or are too busy to spare time for their offspring. Indeed, after cooking classes, some children start cooking dinner for their family when their parents cannot come home until late at night. With proper feedback, they feel pleasure in their new roles, and will eventually improve the health of all family members.

Turning to the benefits of growing food in school classes; growing food can become a formative experience to be grateful to farmers. During the classes, they will come to realize how much attention they need to pay to their crops and how long they need to wait for their harvest. Eventually, they comprehend the effort of farmers who stock supermarket shelves with fruit and vegetables, and learn the economics of this industry. Indeed, fostering an appreciation of food is vital for the current society where a significant amount of food is wasted in vain. Some experts point out that this phenomenon is prominent amount young people who have little or no respect for farming.

To summarize, I believe children should learn cooking and growing food at school to become mature adults who can maintain their own health and appreciate the effort that goes into producing fresh food.

( 271 words )



→トピックのパラフレーズと自分の主張の提示。Do you agree or disagree?


Body Paragraph

→ main idea  : Home-cooking skills are vital in preparing nourishing food for oneself.と主張。

その後、Main ideaの内容について、後続の文章で説明を加えていきます。

Body Paragraph

→growing food can become a formative experience to be grateful to farmers.と主張。

その後、Main ideaの内容について、後続の文章で説明を加えていきます。


→Body paragraphs のパラフレーズ。


Synonyms (類義語)

Sufficient: 十分な ( enough )

Crucial : 重要な ( important )

Crops: 農作物 ( fruit, vegetables )

Comprehend: 十分に理解する ( fully understand )

Key words

Come to realize: わかるようになる

Nourishing food: 栄養のある食べ物

Takeaway outlets : 食べ物のテイクアウェイをやっているお店

Have no choice but to – : – する以外に選択肢がない

Preservatives : 保存料

Proper feedback: 適切なフィードバック

Other useful expressions in IELTS Writing TASK2

Contrastingly, : 一方で、

From my perspective, / In my opinion, :私の考えでは、

Maintain  : Firmly express one’s opinion と同義。意味は「強く主張する」

Aver  : Say something is certainly trueと同義。意味は「―は正しいと強く主張する」

I espouse the former ( or the latter ) : 私は前者(後者)を支持する。Espouse はSupportのFormalな表現。

Having said that :  However と同義。意味は「一方で」

On top of that : In addition と同義。意味は「さらに」

Under such circumstances, :こういった状況下では、


本記事ではIELTS ライティング タスク2 のサンプルエッセイ(解答例) を紹介しましたが、皆様の学習にお役に立ちましたら嬉しく思います。また、コメントを頂けましたら、解説を増やすこともできますので、お気軽にコメント下さい。

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