IELTS ライティング タスク2 サンプルエッセイ (解答例) 例題 30 – Work Unsocial Hours

本記事ではIELTS のライティングTASK2のサンプルエッセイ(解答例)を紹介します。トピックは長時間労働についてです。



In many countries, people are spending more time in their workplace.

Why is this? Is this a negative or positive development?

You should write at least 250 words.


A large number of employees have no choice but to work some unsocial hours to make a living, due to inflation. From my perspective, this is a negative trend as it discourages modern people from raising children, which I believe brings happiness to one’s life.

Inflation is the primary reason for the increasing working hours. Whenever it happens, it leads to price spikes in many areas, such as accommodation, groceries, and public transport. However, it is often the case that salaries do not increase in proportion to inflation. As a result, employees end up working longer hours to maintain their standard of living. For example, Mos Burger, a popular Japanese hamburger chain, raised the prices of its hamburgers to more than fifty percent over decades due to the price spikes of their ingredients, while the minimum wage in Tokyo has been almost the same. This means fans of Mos Burger need to work longer to have their favorite hamburgers.

Excessive working hours are disheartening for those who are planning to raise their children. Most modern people work for more than forty hours a week and find it difficult to free up their time for parenting. Even if they have committed to managing both parenting and their professions, chances of success are not guaranteed. Indeed, some families could end up  becoming dysfunctional being unable to withstand a tough schedule. On the other hand, those who hesitated to have children could regret in the future that they should have prioritized parenting over jobs. Overall, it is sad that those who want to raise children have to give it up because of demanding jobs that cannot be thrown away in order to make a living.

To summarize, the more inflation develops, the longer hours employees need to work. In my opinion, this is not desirable as it could deprive parents of choices to have offspring.

( 311 words )



→トピックのパラフレーズと自分の主張の提示。Why is this? Is this a negative or positive development? の設問のため、長時間労働の原因とその影響について、自分の意見を主張していきます。

Body Paragraph

→ main idea  : Inflation is the primary reason for the increasing working hourと主張。

その後、Main ideaの内容について、後続の文章で説明を加えていきます。

Body Paragraph

→ main idea  : Excessive working hours are disheartening for those who are planning to raise their children.と主張。

その後、Main ideaの内容について、後続の文章で説明を加えていきます。


→Body paragraphs のパラフレーズ。


Synonyms (類義語)

Disheartening : 心を砕く ( discouraging )

Key words

Work some unsocial hours : 定時時間外労働をする

Make a living : 生計を立てる

Price spikes : 価格の急上昇

In proportion to A : A に比例して

Standard of living : 生活水準

The minimum wage : 最低賃金

Free up one’s time for parenting : 子育ての時間を捻出する

Hesitate to A : Aすることをためらう

Prioritize A over B : AをBよりも優先する

Other useful expressions in IELTS Writing TASK2

Contrastingly, : 一方で、

From my perspective, / In my opinion, :私の考えでは、

Maintain  : Firmly express one’s opinion と同義。意味は「強く主張する」

Aver  : Say something is certainly trueと同義。意味は「―は正しいと強く主張する」

I espouse the former ( or the latter ) : 私は前者(後者)を支持する。Espouse はSupportのFormalな表現。

Having said that :  However と同義。意味は「一方で」

On top of that : In addition と同義。意味は「さらに」

Under such circumstances, :こういった状況下では、


本記事ではIELTS ライティング タスク2 のサンプルエッセイ(解答例) を紹介しましたが、皆様の学習にお役に立ちましたら嬉しく思います。また、コメントを頂けましたら、解説を増やすこともできますので、お気軽にコメント下さい。

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